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Drill Teams

Each year 2659 selects cadets to represent the unit by showcasing our high level of drill (marching), dress and conduct at the annual drill competition. 


Drill competitions consist of a teams of cadets preforming both a compulsary sequence where each team displays identical movements which are called out by the team Drill Commander and a precision (silent) sequence where the team moves through a memorized sequence of movements without the benefit of the Drill Commader's direction. 


Each team is marked on the quality of their movements, the condition of their uniform and the overall conduct displayed by the members.


2659 enters 2 seperate teams into the yearly competitions. 


drill without arms

The drill without arms team consists of 16 members including the alternates.  Less experienced cadets will normally be asked to participate with this team where they will learn the new movements required for competition.  The Commander of this team will be a more senior cadet that has experienced prior competitions and is able to help correct and encourage the new members.


drill with arms

Drill with arms differs from the without arms teams in just the way you would think. The team displays their drill skills but doing so with the addition of a drill service rifle.


More experienced cadets are normally asked to participate on this team as the skills required to complete the required movements are more difficult to learn and perfect.



We have finished well in both categories for many years thanks to dedication our training staff give to these teams on a yearly basis.

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