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The 2659 Army Cadet Corps has their own Pipes and Drums band.  Participation in the Pipes and Drums band is one of the option training programs available.  Cadets who are interested in learning the bagpipes or drums, receive training and guidance from our band instructors at designated times, outside of the regular Tuesday Cadet training.


The 2659 Army Cadet band has had the opportunity to compete in competition and performs during events within the community and at annual inspection (at the end of the year). 


Members of the band will receive instruction and necessary equipment at no charge. Uniforms are provided, at no cost, to those individuals who compete and perform with the band.Those in the band receive their equipment and training at no charge


Qualifying cadets also have the opportunity to participate in  3 and 6 week summer training courses.

Thanks to a generous donation from Millards Accountants and the county of Brant our band now preforms in full highland uniform

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