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Caring for your Uniform

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Illustrated instructions on your beret, boot lacing, hair styles and pin placement.


  • Always, always, always press your uniform!

  • Your uniform should be neat and clean at all times.

  • To prevent your uniform from going shiny, do not use too much heat and consider using a pressing cloth when ironing

  • Always press both collars (tunic and gun shirt)

  • Sew your badges on straight and to standard (see below)

  • Remove loose threads

  • De-lint and properly form your beret

  • Press a sharp crease in your pants

  • Males, make sure you have a clean hair cut

  • Females, make sure your hair is tied back in a bun and there are no hair wisp

  • Shine your boots

Badge Placement

Field training uniform

  • Always put your combats in the dryer before cadets, this will eliminate wrinkles; if the dryer doesn't work, don't be afraid to iron your combats, just don't show up with wrinkles!

  • Remove threads

  • De-lint and properly form your beret, tuck in the tags on the back of your beret

  • Twist up the string on the bottom of your combat tunic, then attach the loop to the bottom button; this prevents the strings from showing on parade

  • The string in the middle of your combat tunic can be fed through the button holes, hide it as well

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